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All is now set to receive President Muhamadu Buhari by Nigerians after spending more than 80 days for medical treatment in the United Kingdom. This is the second time President Muhammadu Buhari had had to battle with his health and life. The first one was in January this year when he spent 59 days. Just few days after returning from the first medical trip, Presidency source indicated that it would not be long before going back for a follow-up. Before 3 months, the said follow-up came to pass. But before leaving, he again transmitted a letter to the National Assembly to inform it of the development, without specifying the days he would spend, saying that decision lies with his doctors. Presidency source had indicated 2 weeks period for the first medical trip, many Nigerians out of genuine concern and few others out of malice started worrying about the President’s health status. This is probably why the No.1 citizen managed himself to come back home after 59 days so that Nigerians can see him in action once again.  

President Muhammadu Buhari as an army officer fought in the unfortunate and unnecessary Nigerian civil war, served as Minister of Petroleum, salvaged the Country as Military Head of State and served as Chairman of Petroleum Trust Fund (PTF) which the late Sani  Abacha created. In all these positions, he paid his dues to Nigerians without any blemish. When he discovered that Nigeria was not getting any better, he attempted 3 consecutive times to reach the Centre in order to replicate his usual feat but the Centrifugal force within the Country frustrated his ambition three times and he gave up.

All these while and as he himself said it, he had never been taken ill the way illness is tormenting him now. By a curious twist of fate, President Muhammadu Buhari eventually assumed office on the 29th of May, 2015 as an elected President of Nigeria. This is what the divine providence can do in the life of anybody. As he is now having health challenges, the question on the lips of some Nigerians with bias minds is: what is he looking for again the age of over 70 years?

Arewa Trust wishes to disagree with such view. History is replete with stories of people who ruled their people at the age of over 80 years. This is a universal phenomenon because true leaders and statesmen are prepared  to pay the supreme sacrifice for their people at any time and at any age of their lives. For examples, America  and Nigeria have plenty of such leaders and citizens. Americans and Nigerians are one of the most appreciative and patriotic peoples on earth.

Americans are ready to go to war  with another country because of unprovoked killing of only one of theirs in that country. Hear what the Americans said during their preparation for the independence war with Great Britain: “The trees of liberty are watered from time to time with the blood of martyrs”. In appreciation of the role he played in the American independence war with Britain, the then colonel George Washington was unanimously selected in 1789 as the first American President by the delegates of the Referendum held immediately after winning the independence war. His selection was so smooth and swift because the name on the lips of every delegate before they voted was Washington, Washington, Washington.

​George Washington ruled America for eight (8) years (1789-1797). He is being recognized today as one of the four greatest American presidents – the other three being Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. 12thFebruary every year is celebrated as a public holiday in some states in the US in memory of Lincoln’s birth (Lincoln’s Birthday).

Martin Lutter King Jnr. was an activist who fought for more rights for Black Americans and is being recognized for this in the US with the declaration of a public holiday on the third of January every year to celebrate his birthday. Martin Luther king Jnr. wrote and delivered the popular speech, “ I Have A Dream” in which he Said he dreamt that one day a Black man would become the President of American. His dream has since come true in the Presidency of Barack Obama. It is the American people that made that dream come true.

General Gage as another patriotic American was a distinguished army general in the United States army who was married to a British lady, and yet, he led one of the final onslaughts against the British Armies during the American independence war against Britain. He is also being recognized and remembered today by most of the writers of American history.

​In Nigeria, history books are replete with the stories of our nationalists who fought for the independence we are  enjoying today. People who are unnecessarily heating up the polity today should go back to their history books and read about the activities of our nationalists because they are taking the freedom they are enjoying today for granted.

​A lot of the Nigerian leaders have actually paid the supreme sacrifice while in government to see how they could turn things around for the benefit of Nigerians. They include sir Ahmadu Bello, Alhaji Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, General Murtala mohammed, General Sani Abacha, Alhaji Umaru Musa Yar’ Adua etc.

Patriotic Nigerians appreciate the contributions of all such fallen heroes and of those still living including our present President, Muhammadu Buhari. Nigerians did not only vote for him but also fervently prayed for his speedy and complete recovery during his two medical sojourn in the UK. It is the prayers of patriotic Nigerians from all walks of life that healed our dear president on the two occasions.

​In the midst of all these patriotic Nigerians are some irresponsible people who play God by constituting themselves as prophets of doom. Arewa Trust thanks God for putting them to shame each time they play God. We know very much that all the present heating up of the polity under disguise of all manners of agitations is the handiwork of corrupt people who have deployed their arsenal and other forms of resources acquired corruptly to fight back.

​As an Agenda setter which the Media is known for among other responsibilities or duties, Arewa Trust wishes to set some Agenda for Mr President when he finally arrives in Nigeria and resumes his duties as president of Nigeria. We agree with Senator Shehu Sani and the wife of the president , Hajiya Aisha Buhari that there are so many human hyenas jackals, wolves and other predators both within and outside his government that should be chased out of the government and those outside the government dealt with.

​We also advise Mr president to look his back, front, left and right with a view to rejecting any form of Greek Gifts and rejecting Deceitful kisses in their various forms because today in Nigeria, we have many Jaels and Judases within and outside the government. We also advise him not to look back on his raging war against corruption. We know that this raging war against corruption is one of his albatross today. He promised Nigerians the fight to finish against corruption and the insurgency in the North East and Nigerians believed in him by voting him to power. He has made remarkable progress in these two areas and other areas.

​There are some people by their very demonic and devilish nature who cannot acknowledge the modest achievements of other people. Ironically, these are people who cannot manage their families, Local Government Areas and their States. These same people have said many unprintable things against President Muhammadu Buhari which they could not have said and gone scot-free under the regimes of Presidents Babaginda, Obasanjo, Sani Abacha and even Jonathan .We advise the President that he should now be showing these people that the  quietness of lion is not a sign of cowardice but rather a sign of confidence and strength when he strikes.  

We also advise Mr. President that a situation where a group of people will be flying the flags of nonexisting country within the country should no longer be tolerated. The act is treasonable felony. A country’s flag is the next most important symbol after the National Anthem. When a country over-runs another Country, the first sign of conquest is the destruction of the flag of the defeated Country while hoisting the flag of the colonizing Country everywhere within the conquered territory.

​A member of Arewa Trust Newspaper crew was at the Nigeria Immigration Service Headquarters,  Abuja to submit a letter and the feelers he brought back to us concerning the respect being given to the Nigerian Flag is very interesting. When the hoisted Nigerian Flag is being brought down at the  close of work, everybody must stand still wherever they are within the premises of the office as if they are singing the National Anthem. Even if this tradition  had been in place there long ago, it is even more serious now than ever before under the present leadership of Alhaji Muhammad Babandede. The observance of this culture of respect for our National Flag at the Nigeria Immigration Service Headquarters is strict whether this great Nigerian, the comptroller- General is around or not.

​Similar to the Nigerian Flag is the National Budget. The National Budget is the second most important Document after the Constitution. If the energetic and loyal vice and Acting President could sign this year’s National Budget into law in the absence of Mr President, what are the mischief makers saying when they said the Acting President is not given free hands to operate, when the Acting President  himself has said that full power to co-ordinate the affairs of the country was handed over to him by Mr President.

​These are the kind of non-sense talks by mischief makers and opportunists in the Country that We use to hesitate about before devoting our Editorial page to analyse or X-ray. As President Muhammadu Buhari returns to Nigeria after medical treatment abroad, we pray for his sound health, Allah’s Guidance and Protection, Amin.

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