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We had followed Governor Yahaya Bello with keen interest in his political development as it concerns his policy statements and pledges to the people of Kogi state and his opinions on what Governance is all about:
“All the natural resources God has deposited in Kogi State are there for a purpose. It is our duties therefore to take our destiny into our hands and restore the purpose of God in our State. Let us explore, develop and manage our God’s given natural resources for the socio-economic development and for the betterment of our younger generation and the generations yet unborn. With you, A NEW DIRECITION IS POSSIBLE”.
“I Won’t Share Kogi’s Resources to Few Individuals”
“Nigeria would have become a failed state if Buhari didn’t emerge as the president of Nigeria”.
“I won’t Sack Genuine Workers”.
These kinds of clear and categorical Policy statements and pledges to the people of Kogi State by the Governor himself, his Deputy and Aides were all published by us in our various editions. We published achievements of Governor Yahaya Bello’s 100 days in office and those of one year in office as the Government of Kogi State.
Governor Yahaya Bello has once condemned those describing his administration as non-inclusive, saying their criticism stems from his insistence not to share the state’s little resources to few elites.
The Governor also declared on another occasion that no genuine worker of the state would be unjustly sacked following the completion of the screening exercise embarked upon to determine the actual size of the state workforce.
In one of our Editorial Comments last year titled:” The Problem With High Expectations From Leadership”, we sympathized with two of the Present Nigerian Political Leaders who are victims of this phenomenon. They are President Muhammadu Buhari and Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State. In the Editorial, we argued that no matter their achievements, many people would hardly appreciate them because of the rot these two leaders met on the ground. Apart from the rot met on the ground, some people due to their unappreciative nature cannot acknowledge the modest achievements of other people. This is what we are seeing in Kogi State today.
Despite the modest achievements of Governor Yahaya Bello which we have been highlighting in our Editions, some people do not see them. They only talk of the delay in the payment of salaries and pensions of Kogi State serving and retired civil servants due to the long screening exercise. In that Editorial, we also supported the idea of the screening exercise to verify the actual staff strength in the Kogi State Civil Service and the need for probe of the previous administrations in the state in respect of contracts awards and executions.
Today, we have the information from our feelers that over 90% of the salary and pension arrears of those who have no case to answer arising from the outcome of the screening exercise has been paid. Many categories of workers who have cases to answer arising from the outcome of the screening exercise have been pardoned by the Governor.
Today, insecurity in the state is being nipped in the bud following Governor Yahaya Bello’s several meetings with the Chiefs of Security Agencies in the state over security matters as well as the purchase and the distribution of Hilux Motors to all the Security Outfits in the state sometime ago. The Commissioner of Police in the state himself confirmed that crime rate in Kogi State has dropped by 70%.
Governor Yahaya Bello has fixed electricity in Olamabolo which had remained in darkness for nine (9) years. Both state and Federal roads with potholes here and there are being fixed by Governor Yahaya Bello across the state. School fees of students in Kogi State are being reduced to half.
As a transparent Government, whistle blower Policy has been introduced in the state. The names of 8,879 ghost workers that drained the treasury of Kogi State for years have been removed from the payroll. We consider this as a landmark achievement as this saves the state billions of naira.
With the foregoing background, we urge Alhaji Yahaya Bello not to be distracted from his avowed determination to make life better for the good people of Kogi State than he met them. Within the one and a half year in office, he has touched the lives of many people positively through the various projects and programmes he has executed in all fields of human endeavors across the state. We have been featuring some of the achievements in our previous Editions and we would continue to do so because we Stand By The Truth of The Fact.
Governor Yahaya Bello however needs the support and co-operation of all true stakeholders in Kogi State. Recently, Kogi Central All Progressives Congress (APC) stakeholders at the Okehi LG Civic Centre/ Multipurpose Hall, Obangede in Okehi L.G.A. passed vote of confidence on Alhaji Yahaya Bello by declaring that they firmly believed in Governor Yahaya Bello’s administration. The stakeholders preached peace and commitment to the cause and delivery of the dividends of democracy as stipulated in the New Direction Blue Print of Governor Yahaya Bello led administration. The stakeholders received decampees from the opposition P.D.P into their fold at the event. This is a good development in Kogi State indeed.
We however wish to advise Governor Yahaya Bello to look his back, front, left and right with a view to rejecting any forms of Greek Gifts and rejecting Deceitful Kisses in their various forms because today in Kogi State, there are many Jaels and Judases. We think some other people still remember how some people tried their best (using money, political party influence, intimidation and blackmail) to see that Alhaji Yahaya Bello did not become the governor of Kogi State, but God put all of them to shame.
Some of such people may want to near him today just to forestall political oblivion. We also urge Governor Yahaya Bello to continue his policy of spreading dividends of democracy to all nooks and crannies in the state so that appreciative people and true stakeholders can continue to feel sense of belonging. No more lopsided political appointments and civil service employment in Kogi State today.
We also enjoy watching the highlight of Yahaya Bello’s achievements titled “Kogi State Today” by true stakeholders, himself and some of his Aides on AIT from 3.30pm every Thursday.
The artists have always found it difficult to differentiate between a rising Sun and a setting Sun. We strongly believe that the Sun we are seeing now in Kogi State is a rising Sun and not a setting Sun. Whether this value judgment is right or wrong, only time shall tell.
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