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The 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as amended contains the following eleven Fundamental Human Right: right to life ,right to dignity of the human person ,right to fair hearing, right to personal liberty, right to private and family life, right to freedom of thought, conscience or religion, right to freedom of expression and the press, right to peaceful assembly and association, right to freedom of movement, right to freedom from discrimination and right to acquire /own immovable property anywhere in Nigeria. Rights are not absolute in the interest of defence, public safety, public order, public morality, public health, protection of rights and freedom of other persons. For examples, rights to life has the following exception: Execution of sentence of court in respect of criminal offence, Defence from unlawful violence, Defence of property, effecting a lawful arrest /preventing escape of persons lawfully detained and suppressing a riot, insurrection or mutiny. The right to freedom of thought, conscience or religion also has the exceptions of secret society.
If anybody crosses the red line in the exercise of any of the Fundamental Human Rights and or disregards any of the exceptions, the relevant Security Agencies are expected to carry out their constitution duty by dealing with the culprit. Recently, the Nigerian Army confronted the notorious Indigenous People of Biafra [IPOB]over their nefarious activities in the country and later declared it a terrorists Organisation with the valid reasons they gave for their action
The five Governors of the five South East States later held a meeting in Enugu State where they proscribed the offending organization for its unforgivable atrocities being committed in the Region. The president later ratified the terrorist brand given to IPOB.
We at the Arewa Trust are however surprised that some people are showing sympathy for the terrorist group by questioning the legality of the action taken against it by the Government. IPOB is a manifestly satanic organization sponsored by inside and outside enemies of Nigeria to set Nigeria on fire. The Governor of Abia State made the same declaration when he imposed curfew in the State. It may interest some people to know that IPOB was registered as a business outfit in Uk by its founder Nnamdi Kanu. In answer to his sponsor’s demand, Nnamdi Kanu upstaged Ralph Uwazuruike of the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra [MASSOB]. kanu then immediately set up the illegal Radio Biafra. The Radio Station was spreading all manner of hate messages across the country and calling other ethnic nationalities all sorts of names. Nnamdi Kanu even called Nigeria a zoo.
Even after his arrest and detention for treasonable felony and later released on many strict bail conditions, he flouted all the bail conditions by gathering his supporters to do rallies where all manner of hate speeches were dished out in order to incite other Nigerians to join their fold. During these rallies, samples of Biafran flags were flown freely. It is very unfortunately that the sympathizers of kanu and his IPOB who are question the legality of terrorist brand and proscription refuse to also see all these illegalities they have committed.
The marginalization of the South East they are talking about is not a matter for taking up arms because virtually all ethnic nationalities in the country have cried of marginalization at one time or the other. Even the Yoruba nation as one of the three dominating tribes in Nigeria also cried of marginalization during President Goodluck Jonathan’s time and they rolled out facts and figures to back up their claims then. We do not like to use the phrase “three major tribes” in Nigeria. The Yorubas, the Hausa /Fulanis and the Igbos are not the only major tribes in Nigeria. There are many words and phrases we should stop using in this country as they are not helping the unity of this county.
We are talking of a major tribe here, not to talk of other minority ethenic groups. The Yorubas went back to the drawing board by voting for the Present Government they know would appreciate their contribution to its victory. We are not saying here that the lgbos committed political suicide by voting massively for President Jonathan during the last presidential election. They voted well because they would have benefited once again more than the Yorubas if Jonathan had won.
However, we believe that the Igbos made a capital political mistake by supporting Jonathan to jettison PDP zoning policy which would have led to an Igbo man ruling this country right now if the party had won. The other agitations in the other three geo-political zones are Restructuring and Resource Control. To us at the Arewa Trust, they are neither here or there.
Our biggest surprise with calls for restructuring are those calls coming from some of our former political leaders who have benefitted immensely from the present structure. The persistent calls for resource control is also worrisome to us.
When we calculate what is going to the States and the Local Government Areas from the Centre in the forms of Federation Account Allocations, 13% Derivation, Ecological Funds, Paris Club Refunds, Bail-out Funds etc and many State Governments are still owing months of salary and pension arrears to their serving and retired civil servants, we can only support calls for prudent management of resources and not resource control.
The serious calls coming from prominent persons for the implementation of 2014 Confab Report is also another serious concern to us. While some people are calling for return to Regional Government, is it the recommendation of creation of 18 additional States in that Report they are talking about? Three Recommendations we support in that Report are already on the ground for implementation from other pervious Reports, including that of Retired Justice Mohammed Lawal Uwais. They are Local Government Financial Autonomy, Independent Candidacy and establishment of State Police.
We would now conclude this Editorial with the following three Reminders for all supporters and sympathizers of Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB: During an interview with AIT FOCUS NIGERIA, Governor Seriake Dickson of Bayelsa State, a man who is known for saying the truth as it is said:
“Personally, I do not believe in this idea of an oil-rich but small Country because one big Country can come and over-run you within one hour. I like to remain in a big Country like Nigeria”. He was apparently referring to the annexation of Kuwait by the late Saddam Hussein of Iraq in 1991. That is a man from the oil-producing region of Nigeria.
2. “In the early 1970s, Gowon, Kerekou, Eyadema and the President of Niger Republic, under the umbrella of ECOWAS, signed an international protocol that saw Nigeria supplying the countries where these leaders come from with electric power, via kainji dam, so that Niger would not need to dam the source of water flow to Nigeria from around Futta Jalon (the Source). This is because if they build their own dam, then the water flow through to Rivers Niger and Benue would not be forceful enough to power our Generation Companies. Therefore, these our neighboring countries are beholden and grateful to “big brother” Nigeria.
So, Biafra would be struggling with power which is the life line of any people and economy. Furthermore, Biafra shall be surrounded by unfriendly countries and our cousins in the Niger Delta may not want to be dragged into any crisis”.
Also, “ the Electricity Generating Power Plants in Nigeria are located outside Igbo land, as the major plants, which are hydro driven are located in places like kainji, Shiroro, Jebba and Egbin. The Gas Plants in Afam, Geregu, Omotosho, Olorunsogo, Sapele etc are also outside Igboland”. Source: Leadership Newspaper 12/06/2017
3. At the start of the French Revolution of 1789, the king came out of his place to address the first revolting group, where he jokingly and lightly asked the question: “Is it a revolt”? and the leader of the revolution retorted, “No Sir, it is a revolution”. Even though the group before the king appeared like people who were carrying out a mere revolt like IPOB demonstrators or protestors, what was actually in the making was a revolution both in planning/character and execution.
So, the revolution swept away all the old order (leaders) including the wife of the king who gave the revolutionaries very tough time. The agenda of the enemies of Nigeria through the instrumentality of Nnmadi Kanu and IPOB is similar to this French Revolution scenario.
We at the Arewa Trust strongly believe that this is what the enemies planned and may still plan, but God will not allow them to succeed Amen.

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